Five Signs You Need Transmission Repair

The first thing that you think of when the term “bad transmission” is mentioned is money. Transmission repair is one of the costly repairs you can have on your vehicle. That’s why you should maintain your vehicle through regular servicing and inspection to ensure any problems are spotted early. When an issue is identified early, it becomes easier to resolve and fix it before it develops and becomes a full-blown disaster.

There are things that can help you determine if your vehicle’s transmission is in good condition or not. Most transmission problems are usually accompanied by a sensation or sound. Here are signs of possible transmission problems.

Delayed Engagement

Whenever your vehicle delays when engaging into drive and gets on the move, there could be a problem with your transmission. A transmission that’s in good condition and functions properly will not give you any problems when shifting between the park, drive, and neutral. If your vehicle seems to show any signs of hesitation before shifting, it could be time to find an auto mechanic to fix the problem.

Rough Shifts

Rough shifting is a transmission problem caused by a bad clutch, or your vehicle could be low on the transmission fluid. Your vehicle will show some resistance when changing gears. Alternatively, you may feel as though the gear shift is not shifting smoothly as normal. You may also hear a “thud” or a “clunk” when shifting gears. Whenever you identify any of these signs, take action.

Transmission Slipping

If you’ve ever had a slipping transmission, you know it’s one of the most frustrating experiences someone can ever have. How does it feel? It usually feels as if you’re driving your vehicle in a particular gear and then it shifts or rather changes for no apparent reason. When this happens, you’ll hear the sound from your vehicle’s engine changing in pitch. It may also sound and feel like whining. Other signs of a slipping transmission include strange noises, inability to reverse, difficulty when it comes to shifting gears, burnt smells, and a high RPM. Find an auto mechanic to inspect your vehicle and fix the problem as soon as you discover this problem.

Leaking Fluid

Every car owner can easily spot or identify this problem. All you need to do is look at your driveway or parking lot after parking your vehicle. If there’s some bright red liquid on your driveway, then you could be having a fluid leak. Having a fluid leak is likely to result in a low transmission fluid level which might cause damage to your vehicle’s transmission. Note that the transmission is a vital component that should never leak any fluid. Once you identify this problem, find a trusted auto shop to get it fixed.

Transmission Warning Light

Another obvious sign that your transmission has a problem is the “check engine” light. The fact that there’s this warning light doesn’t always mean there an issue with your car transmission. However, if there are any of the mentioned symptoms, the light would mean there’s a problem.

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